• Three Truly American Bath Towel Designs

Three Truly American Bath Towel Designs

This is just a month and a half away and if you want to get ahead of your peers, then you need a towel collection revamp. Lucky for you, we are here to give you just that and more – the 3 truly American bath towels designs to add to your collection.

Once you add these to your collection, making record sales in the coming months will be a matter of time. But this is more than about making the most of American towel manufacturers – it is about standing true to the spirit of the country and everything good about it.

Now, let’s take a look at those designs:

  • The Stars And Stripes

Probably the most patriotic design there is, the stars and stripes are one hell of a beach towel print. They let your customers show the eternal love for America and everything good about it.
Getting the stars and stripes beach towel print to your collection will make all the difference to your sales graph, because it sells like hot cakes!

  • The Declaration of Independence Bath Towels

The declaration of independence is one of the foremost documents that strike a remarkable mark on the annals of history. It is document that espouses the very best of what the American spirit and freedom is all about.
Printed on towels, the declaration of independence is going to be the next big thing for your retail store and definitely work your revenue up the ladder with this month fever on!

  • The Bald Eagle With Stars And Stripes Background

The bald eagle is America’s symbol of hope and power and it is considered to be the national bird of the country. Printed on the foreground of the star spangled banner, this towel is going to create one hell of a collection for you

It is time for you to get in touch with a bath towel manufacturer right now and place the bulk orders so that you get your collection in time.


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