• Everything That You Should Know About The Face Towels

Everything That You Should Know About The Face Towels

While some people just use face towels without giving much importance to them, others see them as an item of extravagance, comfort, and self-spoiling.

A face towel is an important product as they ensure your well-being and helps to keep thorough cleanliness. It is sometimes known as a face cloth or a washcloth and is generally a square piece of fabric constructed out of different materials. Normally, it measures around 12 by 12 inches.

How Helpful Are The Face Towels?

The work of a face towel is to make sure that an individual gets the best face care. When used on the face, it absorbs skin oil, water, makeup residue, leftovers, and any sort of cleanser used. They are excessively used in spas and hotels as every business owner wants to give their customers the best experience.

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How Many Should Be Used?

A face towel needs to be changed on a daily basis. They should never be reused (until and unless thoroughly cleaned). An individual needs at least 7 pieces per week. If an already-used face towel is reused then it can result in disastrous situations like acne, skin rashes, and worse, bacterial infections.

Which Fabrics Are The Best For Face Towels?

This largely depends on certain factors like:

  • A face towel should be soft
  • It should be strong and of good quality
  • Should be delicate with the facial skin
  • Should be spongy

The cotton face towels are considered top-notch by many and Turkish cotton is highly favored as far as warmth, non-abrasiveness, and quality goes. However, if it’s about achieving the best, then the microfiber face towels remain unbeatable.

How Face Towels Can Help In Maintaining Clean And Bright Skin

When it’s lightly dabbed on the face once, it collects all the oil, dirt, and other micro-skin particles from the face of an individual. Many times, people want to use it more than once, but that can only lead to some unnecessary trouble and no good can come out of it. A fresh face towel or a clean washed towel can always help to maintain beautiful, glowing skin.

How They Can Be Kept Fresh

To keep the towels all spongy and fluffy, they should be washed as per the instructions of the manufacturer on the label. They should be carefully separated from other clothing items before being thrown into a washing machine. The clean washed face towels should always be stored in a dry cupboard.

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