• Three Never-Heard-Before Microfiber Towel Uses

Three Never-Heard-Before Microfiber Towel Uses

Microfiber towels have become increasingly popular everywhere in recent years. They are super absorbent and durable. Thanks to their incredibly soft feel, users get to experience heaven on earth. When you use them to dry the skin, you get a buttery-smooth touch. But are microfiber towels just for drying the skin and hair? No! You can use them for other purposes as well! Want to know how? Read on.

Detailing The Car

Detailing the vehicles is a real passion for car lovers. If you are one, then you would know that only the best tools and products can leave a quality finish. Using microfiber towels is becoming common here. Try drying your freshly washed car with microfiber towels. The fibers’ fineness poses very little risk to the body paint and their absorbency means fewer passes are needed to absorb all the moisture left on the surface.

To Dry Dogs

Drying dogs after they played at the shore or have been on a long run on a rainy day is already hard, and you don’t want to make things harder by using an old towel. With the amount of fur, a dog has, a towel with low absorbency is likely to make the procedure a time-consuming matter. When you use a microfiber towel, it can soak up water more efficiently and faster than cotton loop alternatives. Such towels are ideal for this purpose. Are you a retailer reading this blog and wondering where to grab the best microfiber wholesale towels? Hurry! Reach out to a popular microfiber towel supplier now!

Cleaning The Kitchen

Keeping your kitchen clean and hygienic is important as a single cell of bacteria has the power to multiply by more than 7 million over the course of a day. As this area is used to prepare food and drink, it’s prone to more mess and dirt than any other place in the house, with crumbs and spills easy to make now and then while preparing any dish. Microfiber towels can help to a great extent here as well. These towels can pick up the smallest crumbs and absorb the biggest spills with the minimum of effort, due to the incredible capabilities of microfiber. With just a little bit of water and chemical-free detergent on them, and a single wipe, you can get rid of the biggest spots. Moreover, the microfiber’s softness means you are unlikely to leave scratches anywhere.

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