• 6 Creative Ways To Use A Towel

6 Creative Ways To Use A Towel

Wholesale towel manufacturers make different kinds of towels available today, right from bath towels to hand towels to beach towels to hotel towels, and more in innumerable shades, patterns, cuts, and sizes. But, what’s the use of these towels? Is it just limited to drying you? No, it isn’t!

Towel Fun – 6 Cool Uses

You can use a towel in the following ways as well:

  • Going out with family or friends, you have found the ideal spot in the picnic area or lake, however, just as you start getting comfortable, you notice the sun sinking below your current shade. For a temporary yet effective shade, consider hanging a towel from a tree branch or umbrella.
  • Are important guests coming to your home? Thinking about how to impress them? A cool and unique idea will be using clean towels. Yes, you read that right. Heard about quintessential towel art? If you or any of your family members have good creative skills then you can create masterpieces with towels and arrange them neatly in different areas of your house.
  • Visiting a great destination, it might so happen that you felt like collecting wild onions, flowers, or shells. Don’t carry a basket or bucket in this case. It will spoil the fun. Instead, think about opting for a towel! Gather the ends of a towel together and use it like a bag, or, you can also just lay it flat on a clean surface, store all the things there, and then fold your towel in half and carry your things.
  • Do you often run out of room when packing for a long road trip? Fold your towels neatly inside a pillowcase instead of making your bag bulky with unnecessary travel or neck pillows. They can not only save space but also offer the same level of comfort.
  • Just because towels start looking faded and dingy after some time, you plan to stop using them, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have the ability to dry you anymore, isn’t it? Rather than throwing them away, consider donating them to a homeless shelter. They will be as good as new for someone in need.
  • As time passes and your towels start getting old and worn out, you can use them as toys for your pets. You can use one to play fetch with your dog or you can use it in the tug-of-war game between you and your dog during playtime.
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