• Luxury Bath Towels: How To Care For Them

Luxury Bath Towels: How To Care For Them

Bought a new luxury towel from a towel manufacturer USA? Read and follow the care directions on the care label when you unbox your towels. Before you use your towels for the first time, make sure they’re clean. To minimize snags, gently remove any plastic tags with scissors before laundering. Pulling tags out might cause them to snag on fibers and inflict damage to the fabric. Sort by wash and color with a little quantity of mild detergent, preferably one designed for delicate linens. After washing your towels in cold water, give them a little shake to fluff them up, and then tumble dry on low heat.

Sort and wash towels according to color. To extend their life and prevent color bleeding, divide them into three categories: dark colors, light colors, and white.

Do wash your towels in cold water to keep the colors vibrant and the fibers lasting longer. High temperatures will damage the towel’s fibers and cause them to shrink.

When switching from the washing to the dryer, shake out your towels. This will fluff the fibers and hasten the drying process.

Do hang your towels after each usage, rather than placing them in a hamper where mildew might grow.

Do snip out any stray drawn loops with a pair of sharp scissors. This won’t harm the towel and will assist prevent snags and pulls farther down the line.

Bringing Your Luxury Bath Towels Back To Life:

Repeated laundry may wreak havoc on even the best towels over time. They may become rough and stiff, and they may even emit a faint odor. This can be caused by a variety of causes, the most common of which is hard water.

With simply baking soda and white vinegar, you can repair your luxury bath towels in three easy steps.

Wash your towels with one cup of white distilled vinegar in warm to hot water. This will assist restore absorbency by removing any built-up residue from the towels. Only use white vinegar instead of detergent.

Repeat the process with only a half-cup of baking soda this time. Again, use baking soda instead of detergent. This will assist in refreshing the air and eliminate any residual odors.

Without fabric softener sheets, dry according to the directions.

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