• A Comprehensive Guide On Choosing The Best Bath Towels

A Comprehensive Guide On Choosing The Best Bath Towels

Choosing bath towels can be hard. Anyone can pick cheap-quality towels but finding the best bath towels for ultimate fluffiness, durability, and drying ability takes effort and time.

If you have been thinking about purchasing a few for your home and need some help, then don’t worry, you have come to the right place. Here, in this blog, you will get some useful tips on how to grab the best bath towels.

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Today, bath towels come in a wide variety of sizes. While the size of a standard bath towel is 27’’ × 52’’, a larger one would be 35’’ × 60”. It’s called a bath sheet. A bath sheet offers more coverage, helping you to fully wrap yourself in it.

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This doesn’t mean you should feel the towel, checking its softness. Many manufacturers use chemicals on the towels to make them feel softer but it goes away the moment you wash them. So, inspection means checking that the edges are neatly folded and secured with close stitching. It’s a sign of premium-quality craftsmanship. It prevents fraying and can help extend the life of the towel.

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100% cotton is the most absorbent and the softest. Premium cottons such as Supima and Egyptian are good but they are not that great when it comes to durability, absorbency, and softness. Other than cotton, the cotton-polyester blend works quite well. It’s often more durable, quick-drying, and less expensive. One of the most prestigious wholesale bath towels suppliers USA brings forth the largest collection of refined, softest, and most absorbent bath towels!

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As you might know already, the towel weight is measured in grams per square meter. Usually, the higher the weight, the denser the towel, and the plusher and more absorbent it will be. While 600-900 GSM is the heaviest, 400-600 GSM is medium-weight, and 300-400 GSM is considered lightweight. Usually, the ones coming within the 500-700 GSM range are considered the best.

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Last but not least, your personal preferences matter. Know what you are looking for. Look for 100% cotton with plush, dense loops of yarn on the surface if you want an ultra-absorbent, super-soft towel. Consider a poly-cotton blend or a lighter fabric if you want something more durable and quick-drying. Fluffy loops do absorb water well but they can take longer to dry and may show more wear and tear from washings.

As a business owner with an aim to secure quality, cute wholesale kids bath towels for your store, hurry and make a bulk purchase from one of the most preeminent towel manufacturers today! Such a supplier offers smart customization options!


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