• This is How You Should Care for Your Hotel Towels

This is How You Should Care for Your Hotel Towels

To provide guests with the best experience, you need to offer superior, clean, and the softest towels to them. But how to care for the towels so that they remain in pristine condition? Keep on reading to find out!

Caring for Hotel Towels

You need to use a neutral pH detergent to wash them. It’s better to ignore commercial-grade options as they have a high pH for a harsher clean. They will damage the soft fibers in the towels, causing the material to break down more quickly.

Never put new fluffy towels in the bathroom straightaway. Carry out a quick wash first to remove any lubricants and chemicals. A lubricant is used to speed up the weaving procedure during the manufacturing process, as the intricate terry loops are formed. The lubricant will lessen absorbency until and unless you wash the towels first. To keep them looking clean and soft, all new towels are coated with chemicals. These chemicals can be quite harmful to the skin. Are you a business owner reading this blog and on the lookout for classy, premium-quality hotel towels wholesale? Hurry! Make a bulk purchase from a top-rated towel manufacturing unit today!

Many hotels choose towels of different colors, which leads to certain problems while washing. If you too do that to impress your guests, then to minimize the color runs, wash light-colored towels together and dark-colored ones separately. You can also add a cup of white vinegar as it will help set the color, removing any excess soap residue.

Getting the musty odor out of the hotel towels is very easy. While the fabric softeners do remove odors and improve softness, they can damage fibers if used too heavily. Instead, you can make use of the baking soda. It not only removes the powerful musty odors but the excess dirt as well. You can add it directly to the detergent. Around half a cup will do.

Once you are done washing them, remove the towels from the washing machine and give them a thorough shake. It will shake out the individual loops. This will improve their softness and absorbency. Throw a few tennis balls into the dryer as it will help towels stay fluffy. Avoid leaving the dryer on for too long at a high temperature, else it will give the towels a dull appearance.

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