• The Ultimate Guide to Settle Down for Comfortable and Fashionable Cotton Bath Towels

The Ultimate Guide to Settle Down for Comfortable and Fashionable Cotton Bath Towels

From waking up in the morning to going to sleep at night, towels are our constants. But do you find it difficult to pick up the correct bath towels for regular use? With stacks and stacks of towels, in a wide range of prices, it becomes quite tricky to select the required ones, that would be great in quality and style. There are some many advertising claims my different brands and manufacturing companies, that the mission to spot soft, absorbent towels gets lost in the hinting process.

Making us feel cozy and pampered, it is important that we are using best towels that are comfortable and also last long. Consumers mostly prefer the cotton bath towels due to the superior quality of the material, and hence understanding the different features of the towels also becomes important. The feel and performance you’re seeking decides the type of cotton bath towel that you would like to own. The manufacturers bring in a wide array of cotton wholesale towels, and you just need to pick the required ones.

Here is a guideline to buy the best bath towels.

Choose from two cotton types

For towels, majorly, there are two types of cotton towels: Turkish and Egyptian and both are quite good. Instead of going for the local cotton towels, it is better to lay your hands on either of these two. Luxuriously soft, both of them boast of ultimate absorbency, strength and durability. They can even be found in thicker and fluffier styles.

Pick the ideal weight

The GSM or Grams per square meter refers to the density of the fabric used to make a towel and this is the unit of towel weight. The bath towels that have lower gsm measurements are lighter and less dense, and on the other hand, the higher gsm indicates a thicker towel. GSM definitely acts as the indicator of towel quality, but you should check other features also while picking up a good bath towel, like fabric, weave and finishing.

The different technologies used to produce cotton towels

An array of different cutting edge technologies are used to produce the cotton bath towels and all of them lend different features to the respective products. From aerocotton, to combined cotton, hydroctton, microcotton and zero twist, several ways are employed to weave high quality cotton towels.

Designs in galore

In the market, apart from authentic cotton, the bath towels are also available in a wide range of designs. The buyers can buy the required bath towels according to their bathroom or interior home décor theme and color. Here are some options.

  • Sculpting: Adding visual interest and texture, the sculpted towels have overall design and woven with high- and low-pile loops.
  • Embroidered: These towels have thread work all over, and can be customized to stitch your name, or initials of your name for better home décor.
  • Lurex: To add decorative stance to the bath towels, many manufacturers use high quality cotton towels to feature a border with Lurex, a reflective yarn that adds wonderful and subtle shimmer.
  • Dobby: Adding detailed patterns and textures, dobby is a decorative woven border around the bath towels.

The leading wholesale towel manufacturing brands are adding super comfortable, durable and stylish bath towels in bulk to the retail stores. Your work is to pick up the best sets that are available in the market.


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