• Simple Tips to Customize Your Wholesale Baby Towel

Simple Tips to Customize Your Wholesale Baby Towel

Towels for babies are more than just “towels”. Ask the parents. Not only should they be uber comfy, but also be completely aww-tactics. This is why, for the retailers, it’s important to be extra careful when purchasing their wholesale baby towel or other varieties. In specific, during customization, to not just throw in two colors and a design in the mix and personalize their bulk for the namesake — something that so many of them do when wholesaling clothes for the grownups.

Here are 4 super-simple tips to customize your wholesale baby towels:

  • Contact the right manufacturer

It’s quite basic. You won’t score a good wholesale if you haven’t chosen the right manufacturer in the first place. This is a fundamental part of the process. So, above all, find one of the top microfiber towels manufacturers. Do your thorough research. Find a company that has a large catalog of towels for babies and kids. Go through their collection and pricing. Make sure to know what kind of personalization option do they offer.

  • Say high to the bright colors

This is quite a no-brainer. Anything that’s for the little ones, they are best if in bright colors. So, when you’re customizing your wholesale baby hooded towel, make sure it is of bright colors. Yellow sunshine and sky blue are usually the most preferable choices. Other options include light green, candy apple red, carnation pink, and bitter lime.

  • Identify the latest designs in this segment

Instead of opting for any design that you think is cute, choose a custom design that’s already trending in the market. Look around. Which cartoon is more popular today? What kind of car graphics is dominating the kids’ clothing market? Do some research. You will find designs that are already selling high in this segment. Personalize your towels wholesale with the same design.

  • Prioritize quality atop everything

Nothing ever looks and feels good if their quality is bad. Period. So, before you try to woo the parents with the look of your baby towels collection, you’ve got to talk to them about the quality. So, make sure the wholesale you’re purchasing, it’s of superior quality. No compromise. The towels must be made using premium quality fabrics, that wicks moisture properly and quickly. The surface must be smooth and soft on touch.

These are 4 tips to customize your wholesale baby towels.

If all these sound too complex and too much to do, simply ask your consumers. Ask the parents what kind of baby towels do they want. And then make your wholesale purchase accordingly.


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