• How To Extend The Life Of Your Towels

How To Extend The Life Of Your Towels

To keep your towels’ superior quality and performance, avoid using bleaching agents and fabric softeners, which coat the natural fibers. Often, keep your towels away from personal care products and household cleaners containing benzoyl peroxide or alpha hydroxy acids, since these will discolor them.

Things that might tug or snag the cloth should not be washed with towels that you got from towel manufacturers USA. Clothing with zippers, loops, or Velcro is an example. To get the best results, limit a load of laundry to towels only. Pro tip: If your towel becomes entangled in a snagged circle, fight the temptation to pull it. Simply use scissors to break the thread.


We suggest washing after every third use. To launder, use cold water and a small amount of Laundry Detergent, as soap buildup slows drying performance. Prevent pilling, which happens when long fibers brush up against short fibers, by dedicating a load of wash solely to your bath products and cleaning various color towels separately.


Shake the towels before drying to fluff the fabric. Tumble dry on low heat and remove immediately because of over-drying causes brittle fibers. If you like the fresh smell of air dry linens, follow these measures to prevent stiffness: After shaking, loop one short end over the clothesline and clip it. Remove the towel from the line when it is just mildly moist and place it in the dryer for a final fluff. Before folding and storing your towels, make sure they are fully dry.


We propose the following folding process for wrinkle-free towels that invoke hotel suite vibes: First, smooth out any wrinkles in the towel by laying it flat on a table. Then, beginning with the long side of the towel, fold it in thirds. Grasp the short side of the towel and fold it in two. This procedure should be repeated. You should have a neat square that will hang nicely over a rod, displaying its dobby shape, or will look similarly neat and tidy stacked on a table.


Less is better when it comes to arranging the linen wardrobe. Overcrowding on shelves can result in wrinkling, bad odors, and even mildew. We like to tuck a bag of lavender into the folds of our towels to keep this space smelling fresh.

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