• Hotel Towel Care Tips: A Comprehensive Guide

Hotel Towel Care Tips: A Comprehensive Guide

One of the main things that help to offer guests a comfortable experience in a hotel is a hotel towel. They also keep the bathroom looking clean and beautiful. However, even in 5 or 7 stars, they do experience a tough life (all thanks to the heavy usage).

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Do you want some tips on how to keep them soft and fluffy for a long period of time, so that you don’t need to buy wholesale every few months? Take a look at the list given below.

Wash The New Towels, Yes!

You might feel like putting the newly purchased hotel towels in the bathroom straight away, however, never do that. To remove any lubricants or chemicals, go for a quick wash first. Wondering about the use of lubricant here? Well, during the process of manufacturing, it is used to speed up the weaving procedure as detailed terry loops are formed. The lube reduces the absorbency unless the towels are washed before the first use. To keep them looking clean and soft, chemicals are also used, so make sure to wash them before keeping them anywhere.

A Ph Detergent

Always clean them using a neutral Ph detergent. Many convenience store detergents are formulated in such a way that they are light and gentle on accessories and are close to neutral. There are some commercial-grade options that give a harsh clean and damage the soft fibers in the towels, thus breaking them down quickly.

Washing As Per Color

Hotels often choose different colors for the towels which actually leads to some problems when washing. Group the towels into washes based on their colors, in order to minimize the color runs. Make sure to add a cup of white vinegar as this not only helps set the color but also removes any extra soap residue. Brightening agents can improve the vibrancy, but avoid using them on colored towels. You can use them on faded shades or white ones.

Use Baking Soda To Get Rid Of Odors

Most hotels struggle when trying to remove the musty odor, which is very common in hotel towels. Fabric conditioners are a good option but while they do remove odors and improve softness, they damage the fibers as well. Think about trying baking soda. They remove powerful musty odors and excessive dirt.

Give Them a Shake

The towels should be given a thorough shake as soon as they are removed from the washing machine. This will improve the softness and absorbency of the towels and will shake out the individual loops.

Dry Each And Every Towel Completely

Never leave the dryer on for too long at a high temperature as this will give the towels a worn-out and dull appearance. Don’t remove the towels too early as well, as even light dampness can quickly lead to mildew.

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