• Grabbing The Finest Hotel Towels is Easy: Remember These 5 Tips

Grabbing The Finest Hotel Towels is Easy: Remember These 5 Tips

Towels are one of those major things that your guests are going to notice as soon as they start staying in your hotel room. So, choosing the best hotel towels can do a lot for the reputation of your hotel. One of the most famed USA-based towel manufacturing companies offers a humongous collection of elegant, premium-quality bulk hotel towels!

To get hold of quality hotel towels always, all you need to do is remember these 5 vital tips listed below:

The Quality Of The Fabric

Check the fabric of the towels. A good-quality hotel towel will always feel softer to the touch. Go for the ones that are crafted out of pure cotton. However, there are different kinds of cotton available today. Popular choices are Turkish cotton towels, Egyptian cotton towels, Supima, and Pima cotton towels. These towels are less prone to fuzziness and the yarn is silky soft.

Weight Of The Towels

Consider the weight of the towel. It’s measured in grams per square meter. Always keep in mind that the higher the weight is, the more luxurious the towels will feel to your guests. It’s advisable to go for a towel with a GSM of 500+ as it will offer the ultimate absorbency and comfort. Lightweight towels can hardly create a premium-quality feel for high-end establishments like hotels.

Durability Of Course Matters

Durability is a major consideration when buying hotel towels. A towel crafted out of cotton is much more durable than the ones that are made of other materials. This is the reason why most hotels are found to make use of cotton towels as they offer a great value for money. When it’s to hotel towels, consider opting for 100% cotton, i.e. if you would like maximum durability.

Combed Cotton Is The Best!

Look for towels that come with 100% combed cotton tags. Combed cotton hotel towels feature longer threads that can increase the strength of the towels and prevent them from piling. Check out the towel’s stitch quality. Combed cotton hotel towels with thick, tightly-packed loops will be much more absorbent than standard towels. Know this, if you can see the base of the towels, then those towels are made out of cheap-quality fabric.

Do Not Forget The Border

Hotel towels can have a cam or dobby border. While towels with cam borders will display a flat texture at the bottom and the top, towels with a dobby border will show refined stripes at the edges with innovative designs like checkers and other patterns.

Retailers and business owners looking for the highest-quality, beautiful, easily-washable towels, hurry and immediately make a bulk purchase from one of the most distinguished wholesale towels suppliers! Do check out the extensive catalog now!


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