• Expert Care Tips To Maintain Your Hand Towels

Expert Care Tips To Maintain Your Hand Towels

Hand towels are an essential feature of a bathroom or kitchen for drying your hands and maintaining hygiene. But with constant use and continued exposure to moisture, dirt and bacteria, these towels tend to become soiled and smelly. Our elaborate care guide will help you keep your hand towel fresh-smelling and appealing so that it’s able to carry out proper cleaning and drying, whenever required.

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The Correct Way To Wash Your Hand Towels

You must spare time to wash the hand towels in your home or the ones you carry outside to maintain proper hygiene.

Steps For Machine Washing

  • First you must read the care label on your hand towel to ensure that they’re machine-washable or not.
  • Next, you should divide the towels in different piles according to color to prevent oozing out of dye.
  • Put the separated hand towels in your washing machine and pour a small quantity of detergent into it as per instructions.
  • Choose the hot water cycle mode for effectively killing germs and bacteria. If the towels are in bold shades, go for the warm water cycle.
  • Begin the wash cycle and wait till its completed.
  • Take out the towels from the washer and shake them nicely for fluffing them up.
  • You should finally tumble dry the hand towels on low-heat configuration and remove them quickly once they’re fully dry to resist wrinkles.

How To Handwash Hand Towels?

  • Fill your sink with lukewarm water and add a little amount of soft detergent.
  • Separate the colored towels and immerse them in that water after which you should scrub them gently with your hands.
  • For removing the soap, you must rinse them meticulously under running tap water.
  • Smoothly squeeze out the extra water without wringing or twisting the hand towels for preventing damage to the fabric.
  • Hang these washed hand towels on an apparel line for air drying. Don’t use dryer as it can spoil the fabric and cause shrinkage of towels.

How Frequently You Should Wash Hand Towels?

As hand towels have a high rate of bacterial exposure, it’s essential to wash them after each use to keep them odor-free while resisting bacterial accumulation at the same time.

The Best Method For Storing Hand Towel

How you store your hand towel will ensure their longevity. And, folding or rolling these small towels with attention is the right trick to preserve them.

Practical Advice To Maintain The Quality Of Your Hand Towel

For keeping your hand towel in good shape, it’s useful to follow few basic rules. Refrain from washing your hand towel with heavy materials like jeans or bath towels to sustain its fabric. Avoid cleaning your hand towel using bleach or fabric softeners as these will disintegrate the fibers and decrease absorbency. We recommend that you stick to using a gentle detergent as suggested on the label. If your hand towel depicts colorful designs, it’s wise to use salt or a dye-fixer to restrict color bleeding. Invest in mesh bags or a good drying rack for reducing wear and tear during the whole washing and drying procedure. Lastly, it’s important that there is no over-drying of towels inside the dryer as this can damage the threads and reduce softness of the texture. Air-drying or opting for low-heat setting is advised.

If you follow these tips and adhere to the care instructions on the label properly, there’s no doubt that your hand towel will stay in excellent shape and offer maximum hygiene benefits.

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