• Eco-Friendly Hotel Towel Guide For Retailers

Eco-Friendly Hotel Towel Guide For Retailers

Retailers who specifically cater to hoteliers for all their exclusive towel needs, should invest in the best organic variants this year. Since most of the manufacturers are taking the eco-friendly route, hence it will be advisable that you help your customers opt for the green way by bulk ordering luxury hotel towels wholesale only from popular manufacturers. The organic towel range consists of pieces that are made with ethically grown raw material. Therefore, if you want to include such towels in your store make sure to contact a popular manufacturer. Meanwhile read on to know more about the various organic towel types that you should invest in.

Egyptian cotton :

Egyptian cotton is considered to be one of the most expensive organic cotton type. These are plush and highly absorbent in nature. There is always a continuous debate regarding the effectiveness of the Egyptian cotton over Turkish Cotton. Egyptian cotton is also pretty much special in nature because it is grown using organic methods of farming. The Egyptian cotton yarn makes a strong and longer fiber which is perfect for creating exquisite spa as well as bath towels.

Turkish cotton :

Turkish towel spells COMFORT in bold words. These are super appropriate for domestic as well as commercial use hence perfect for investing for specialized hotel towel needs. For starters Turkish towels are super drying hence can definitely be used for vanity purposes. These towels do not look like conventional towel pieces, hence perfect for other uses due to its versatile nature. Therefore, you can include these towels as part of the specialized towel needs.

Supima Cotton :

The versatile and strong Supima cotton is perfect for creating sturdy bath sheets. Five star hotels that have swimming pools and Jacuzzi will opt for quality oriented bath sheets. Ideally the measurement of bath sheets should be anywhere between 600-900 GSM. Hence, Supima cotton fulfills this criteria with its extra soft superior quality cotton texture. The size is also perfect for such usages. In case of the absorbency factor, you can find many Supima cotton towel blend that can be used for similar purposes.

Micro cotton :

Micro cotton is the name of the variety of the cotton yarn laced into long loops that gives towels extra luxurious feel and high absorbency power. Towels made of micro-cotton is not something that is common. Hence, these are highly exclusive in nature. Therefore, it will be advisable to have a look through the various towel pieces that the manufacturer has in store. Micro-cotton is perfect or beach towels as well as quality kids towels. Apart from this, you can also find a specific variant of women’s towels that are made with using micro towels.

Bamboo Cotton :

Bamboo cotton is the ultimate natural fabric type that should be in your retail store. These are not only super absorbent in nature but also highly durable as well. Even though these are not as superior in quality, you can still opt for them for the bamboo fiber will be great for creating quality wash cloths.

Business owners who want to include quality hotel towel pieces in their store can get in touch with one of the popular bath & face towel manufacturer. Look at the huge catalog of clothing and select the bulk pieces accordingly. Make sure to invest in towels of different sizes to offer a variety to your customers.


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