• Do You (Really) Have To Buy Wholesale Luxury Towels For Hotel Guests?

Do You (Really) Have To Buy Wholesale Luxury Towels For Hotel Guests?

Let’s be honest here..best luxury beach towels cost quite high. So, it is not as much of a choice for the hotel owners about “should I buy it or not” — it is much more to do with “can we afford it or not”.

But then again, this question doesn’t nulls the fundamental fact that details such as luxury towels play a significant role in enhancing guests’ staying experience at the hotel. And this usually transcends into financial benefit for that hotel in the long-run.

So, much like so many other things in the hospitality industry that are focused more towards guests’ experience and the branding of the hotel, luxury towels are an essential investment.

Meaning, even when your budget doesn’t necessarily allow for it, you must invest in such towels, which would provide you an edge in the market, and even add sustainability factor to your brand.

wholesale luxury towels

Fortunately, there are ways how you can score wholesale luxury towels at a relatively lower cost:

  • Find The Right Manufacturer

Different towel manufacturers have different pricing strategy. Some charge quite high, others charge relatively lower for the same wholesale. So, your first task is to find a supplier that offers high-quality bulk at affordable price.

Do your research. Google for hotel and private label towel manufacturer based. Go through their websites. Talk to their executives and get the pricing list. And then make an informed decision accordingly.

  • Do Not Customize Your Wholesale

It’s quite basic: when you customize your bulk, it costs you more. Although it is always recommended to customize your towels wholesale with your hotel’s brand, don’t do it if you can’t spare enough budget to this department.

  • Do Not Invest In The Most Expensive Varieties

Even wholesale luxury towels come in many different types and varieties, segmented into various quality and design. Do not opt for the most expensive ones.

The lifespan of these hotel towels are much shorter. They need to be changed regularly, replaced by the newer ones. So, it makes less sense to purchase the expensive varieties when you’re crunched in your budget.

These are 3 simple tips how you can purchase luxury hotel towels wholesale at a relatively lower cost.

In the end, details such as luxury towels would enhance your guests’ experience and satisfaction level. This, in the long-run, will return you with good business growth.


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