• Buying Hotel Towels: 6 Points To Remember

Buying Hotel Towels: 6 Points To Remember

Finding the best hotel towels out of bulk towels hotel isn’t an easy job. Looks of course play a part but never buy them based on just how luxurious they look. Hotel towel shopping involves thorough research so that you can get value for your money and avoid all the necessary red flags in the buying process.

Normally, in hotel towel shopping, touch helps you to determine the fine-quality ones. However, as most manufacturers use fabric softeners, this may not be the top method.

Memorize These 6 Tips

Listed below are some vital points that can help you to pick the supreme hotel towels for your establishment without fail:

  • Each and every towel comes with a GSM or gram per square meter, which is basically the material’s weight. Hotel towels with lower GSM are lighter and thinner.
  • The color selection is something that should be your own personal choice. However, if you would like to have suggestions here then a tip would be to choose something classy and sophisticated. Whether it’s a single color or a combination, keep it light and subtle.
  • When you take the towel in your hand, it should feel soft to your touch and not rough, itchy, or scratchy. Remember, most guests arriving at a hotel notice every little thing. If the towel doesn’t feel soft then it indicates that the material used in its construction is of low quality. You won’t even need to touch it to say it’s of inferior or cheap quality if you see it’s see-through and thin.
  • Hotel towels are generally made out of three kinds of cotton, i.e Egyptian, Supima, and standard. The Supima and Egyptian cotton soak moisture the most. Grown in the US, Supima cotton generates shorter threads than Egyptian cotton and is also more long-lasting. Keep in mind that synthetic towels aren’t as absorbent as the ones that are crafted out of cotton.
  • The label of the hotel towel tells in detail how much of which material is used in its making. Also, it sometimes mentions whether it has been pre-washed for shrinkage. These labels are mostly easily readable and understandable, so go through them at least once.
  • Take a look at the stitching of the towels. An absorbent high-quality hotel towel would come with closely-done stitching along with very dense loops. If you can see the base fabric underneath then remember, the towel is of 100% low-quality material. The denser a hotel towel is, the heavier it will be. Hold the towel in your hand and feel how heavy it is before making a purchase. Additionally, ensure to check out for double stitching and double-turned edges in the towel. This tells that the towels will last longer.

Being a retailer keen to purchase refined, soft, colored bath towels in bulk, hurry and get in touch with a notable towel manufacturing unit today! The assemblage brought by such a supplier is really something!


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