• Beach Towels That Are Worth The Bulk Investment For Summer 2019

Beach Towels That Are Worth The Bulk Investment For Summer 2019

Since summer is already here, people are rummaging through the shops to find the perfect piece of beach towels. Various wholesale towel manufacturers have come up with cool variants with impressive design and certified quality. Ideally if you want to bulk purchase towels, it will be advisable to select the pieces that are made with using absorbent and combed cotton fabric. You can find cool towel pieces in the market with its roots in ethical trade practices.

Thus, whenever you select the best towel pieces for your store, it will be advisable to check the GSM, build and type of raw material used for the production of the same. Hence, read on to know more about the different beach towel prints that are bestseller in the market.

The nautical print

Nautical print beach towels are favorite among young men. The breezy blue appeal of the same is unique and aesthetically pleasing. You can find such beautiful beach towels in various sizes hence make sure to select these to appeal to the large customer base.

Tasseled beach towel

Tassels are a pretty addition to the beach towel range. You can find rectangular pieces with cute handmade tassels along the hemline. These are quite similar to the Turkish towel blends but differs in quality. The beach towels are predominantly made of a microfiber blend that makes it high-absorbent yet lightweight in nature.

Mandala print

If you want to instill some exotic vibe in your collection, then the Mandala print will definitely come in handy. These are mostly available in round shapes, making it easier to use and carry as well. These are also super versatile in nature in nature, as you can use the towels as divan cover, beach mat, etc.

Fauna print

The beautiful fauna print is perfect for not only taking to the beach but for decorating your apartment as well. Hence, prints like flamingo, sea animals and even tropical birds are really popular among the customers. The cute colorful ones are the bestseller in the collection, hence make sure to opt for the cool variants.

Psychedelic print

Psychedelic print is worth the investment as it has a great appeal for the young hippie crowd. You can find these in cool sizes as well. like circular, rectangular and even triangle. There’s a whole new range of whacky trippy print that you can browse from.

Aztec print

You can go back in history to design the best modern towel. The aztec print is super popular among the millennial for its indigenous appeal. You can either opt for something monochromatic and neutral or go completely bold with a combination of bright colors. Manufacturers are also designing aztec printed towels in pastel colors. Thus, make sure to invest in various color themes.

Vintage florals

If you want to go for the retro route, then it would be advisable to opt for vintage florals. These are available in muted tones, making it a cool and subtle alternative to the otherwise boring choices.

Black & white

The black & white print is a sweet reminder to the 20’s style. You can get pretty prints in such color themes. These are in fact not only available as beach towels, but in the form of funky bath towels as well.

Retailers who want to include trendy beach towels in their store can get in touch with one of the popular beach towel manufacturers. To bulk order the best pieces all you have to do is browse through the massive inventory if designer towels and select the pieces that are similar to your brands aesthetic. After doing so state the bulk needs to the customer care team, You can even avail cool discounts on the selected towel pieces.


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